Nucor Tour and Dinner with Good People

Rebar is one of the variety of steel products made at the auburn plant. Credit:

This past week on Tuesday after school, CNYTEEA members headed out to Auburn, NY on a tour of the Nucor steel plant in Auburn.  Both the tour and the ambient temperature outside were very cool.  To describe the tour without breaking the agreement of the paperwork before the tour, it was amazing to see the videos we have seen in class ourselves, as well as shown in our own classes, happening live. The highlight of the tour for me was seeing the arc furnace used melt down scrap metal.  I was thoroughly fascinated to hear the sounds, see the thermometer measurements, and feel the heat (from a very safe distance).  I was also impressed by the very visible emphasis and practice of safety, a common theme in the technology and engineering classroom.

Afterwards we headed to town for dinner where we shared stories of CNYTEEA meetings past and other such anecdotes.  One topic to come up was bringing back the “share nights”.  As it was described, these meetings were a combination of demonstration and show and tell with a few different activities/projects/ideas occurring per night.  Do you remember these meetings?  Do you have any novel ideas you would enjoy sharing?  Please post on Facebook, Twitter, or message CNYTEEA at


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