2014 Fall Conference Reflection & Notes

Good Evening!

The 75th SUNY Oswego Fall Conference is now in the books! What a wonderful event. The conference was well attended and there was a lot of buzz in the building with all the new building/labs/materials that the Oswego Technology Education program has to offer. It is wonderful to reconnect with people in the field and make new connections.

CNYTEEA had the opportunity to present at the Fall Conference. The presentation ended up being a great discussion about where we have come from and what we can do in the future. Thank you to the people who attended our presentation. Below is a copy of the presentation description, slideshow, and notes.

Thank you to SUNY Oswego and the Technology Education Department for allowing us to participate. What a great event!

Matt Starke
CNYTEEA President

CNYTEEA: Past, Present & Future

Description: What is the Central New York Technology & Engineering Educators’ Association (CNYTEEA)? While we are all under the same roof at the Fall Conference, let’s take some time to discuss what has made CNYTEEA such a great organization and what we can do to make it better in the future. CNYTEEA plans to collectively formulate an agenda for the year based on everyone’s input.

2014 Fall Conference Presentation

Presentation Notes

  • Visibility of our profession
    • Most important for Technology Education
    • We are great as what we do, but we need to advertise it
  • Leadership
    • Need good leadership to survive
    • “Many hands make light work”
  • School Visit Ideas
    • Need a variety of schools
    • Rural, Suburb, and City schools
    • Variety of departments and classes offered
  • Industry Visit Ideas
    • Get connected with SME & TACNY – Already have great tours set up. Work together for a common goal
    • The Post Standard has a good tour
    • Majestic Mold & Tool (Phoenix, NY) has a good tour
    • Rotation of tours with a wide variety of applications
    • Certificate of Participation should be given out to CNYTEEA Members for professional development evidence
  • Technology & Engineering Education Week
    • New idea from NYSTEEA
    • A great opportunity for all of us to promote what we are all doing at the same time
    • Preliminary week is sometime in March
    • More information will be coming later
  • Shopping Mall Showcase
    • An event that CNYTEEA has done in the past with success. It may be a good idea to bring back.
    • Overall goal to promote Technology & Engineering Education
    • CNYTEEA would “rent” out space in a shopping mall
    • Could be done during the new NYSTEEA Technology & Engineering Education Week
    • Every school that wanted to participate would be given a booth to promote their program
    • Booths could be “Bring It & Show It” presentation or builds that shoppers could participate in
    • The participating schools could even do some sort of contest on the spot that day
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