CNYTEEA September Updates

Good Afternoon!

I hope that you all had a great summer! The 2014 – 2015 school year is now here! With the start to the school year, the Central New York Technology & Engineering Educators’ Association (CNYTEEA) is looking to be stronger than ever.

There are quite a few updates to share with the group as we get started this year.

1. New Leadership: CNYTEEA is excited to announce a new President for the 2014 – 2015 school year. Matt Starke was elected President over the summer. Matt is a Technology Education Teacher from Liverpool High School and is part of the Robotics programs that the school offers. Learn more about Matt and the other CNYTEEA leaders on our website –

2. Better Communication: One of the main goals that Matt would like to bring to CNYTEEA is better communication among the group. This includes a few items listed below.

– New Website: In order to keep the CNYTEEA better centrally located, a website was created to be a “one stop shop” for the organization. This site has information about the leadership, the mission of CNYTEEA, the membership form, a blog style publication, calendar, and more. Check out the website here ( Please take a few minutes to look over and bookmark the site.

– CNYTEEA News Page: One items that has been done well in the past is updated publications about what is going on in Central New York. Included on the new website is a “CNYTEEA News” page ( This page is meant to be a place for different authors to publish different Technology and Engineering items that are going on in our region. The page could include headlines like “Here is a cool project that I am doing in my classroom” or “CNYTEEA Event Updates” or “Check out the Baldwinsville Tech Fest” or others.

– Social Media: The CNYTEEA Facebook & Twitter Feeds have also been consolidated. Everything that is posted, whether email or news, will be posted on our social media. Take a minute to Like us on Facebook ( and Follow Us on Twitter (

3. Awards & Tours: As always, the Department of the Year and Teacher of the Year will be up for public voting later in the school year. Something that has been done in the past is school and/or company tours. Matt would like to bring this back. Please reply to this email if you have a contact with a school or company that would be willing to give a tour to CNYTEEA.

4. Merchandise: We are in the process of researching CNYTEEA merchandise for purchase. The group is looking at Polos and Button Down Shirts with the CNYTEEA logo on it. More details to come later.

5. Annual Steak Roast: As mentioned in a previous email, the CNYTEEA Annual Steak Roast is Wednesday, October 1st at the Phoenix VFW at 6 PM. This event is meant as a time to reconnect with each other, complete CNYTEEA membership, and raise funds for CNYTEEA.

Note that you can fill out the membership form early by downloading the form on our website –

6. We Need Your Help! We are looking for a few people that would like to be authors of the CNYTEEA News Page. This would mean creating periodic publications for the site that give updates about Central New York. Reply to this email if you are interested.

Also, we are looking to post all Technology and Engineering events that are going on in Central New York on our Calendar to keep everyone informed. If you know of an event going on in Central New York, let us know!

That is it for now! Stay tuned for more updates about the Annual Steak Roast!

Matt Starke
CNYTEEA President

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