New Website!

logoblue_cnyteea.pngThe Central New York Technology & Engineering Educators’ Association (CNYTEEA) is proud to unveil a brand new website! The goal of this website is to increase awareness of the organization as well as provide a place for association members to collaborate.

Currently, the mission of the Central New York Technology & Engineering Educators’ Association (CNYTEEA) is four fold:

  • The association provides educators in the field with ongoing education experiences (News Letters, Industrial Tours, School Visits, Demonstrations) related to the evolving curricula and new technologies. Many of these activities will satisfy the professional development requirements which educators in the field must achieve.
  • The association provides a fellowship forum for educators in the field to collaborate and to share ideas and activities so that all may experience growth, improve instruction and develop new problem solving techniques.
  • The association recognizes the accomplishments and achievements of educators is the field for such things as: service, activity, and professional development.
  • The association supports educators in the field via lobbyists at the state and national level who work to keep Technology Education at the forefront for mandates, funding, and continued professional development in an era where these things and our very jobs are in jeopardy.

For the sake of our students, it is paramount that educators in the field enroll, support, and participate in the activities of the association which is dedicated to professional development and continued educational growth.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the organization or are interested in membership!

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